You can provide encouragement by sending a note or saying a kind word to a child, telling that child that you see big plans and a bright future for him or her. Please help by spreading the word about being a champion. You can also become a champion by investing $5.00 or more in a child's college savings account. 


All eligible youth who raise and deposit $25 from their champions during Champions period will receive a community match of $25, deposited into their CollegeChoice 529 Direct Account after the 1st of the year. There are two ways to give: online or a personal check.

Parent or Guardian (Account Owners):

1. Gather e-mail addresses of champions to invite them to give online. 


2. Click here to visit and log into your account.  Follow the instructions to make a deposit, or set up recurring deposits.


3. Make a note of your child's unique 6-digit UGift* code. Follow the steps to provide e-mail addresses for your champions through UGift. This will send an automatic e-mail to them so they can contribute to your child's account!


1. Follow the instructions in the e-mail you receive from to give to make a gift.


2. OR ask for the child's unique 6-digit code (provided to the account owner when they log in) and click here to visit Enter the child's code, your name and the amount of your gift. Keep a record of your gift if you wish to receive your state tax credit!





Parent or Guardian (Account Owners): 

1. Click here to visit (will open in another window) and log into your account using the information provided in your account confirmation e-mail or letter. 


2. Find your child's account number so that champions can write it in the memo line of the check (this is different than the unique 6-digit UGift code) 


3. OR print out the UGift coupon to provide your champions to mail with their checks.



1. Make your check out to UGift - College Choice Direct.


2. Write the child's account number in the memo line of the check, as pictured.


3. Mail your check directly to College Choice Direct at P.O. Box 55767, Boston, MA 02205 OR return it to your child's school. Keep a record of your gift if you wish to receive your state tax credit!